Confuse and amuse your friends by mail without the hassle of real effort! Twice a month, we'll deliver mail-based humor to your desired doorstep.

We send our recipients two mailers each month. The mail is designed to be convincingly realistic.

We will mail anything that can be sent with a traditional postage stamp. Our deliverables change form and medium to keep a low profile. One week it may be a brochure, the next it may be a flyer. Or a fake demolition notice. Or a conscription into the intergalactic space military.

Bumfuzzling is best served unexpected. Most subscribers send our mail to mess with their unsuspecting friends.

Our recipients are typically unaware that their friends have signed them up for a subscription. They will receive mail twice per month that they don't quite understand. They will wonder where the this insanity is coming from, yet it will always brighten their day. And it will keep coming. Twice per month.

We send your friends absurd mail that looks real.

 Imagine receiving a $10,000,000 invoice for unicorn hides or an invitation to your local nudist block party. The authority and physicality of real mail over digital communication only magnifies the impact of our humorous subscription. We get a laugh, you get a laugh, and your friend gets a laugh. Everybody wins!


Here's some example mailers and who you might send them to:

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After my home was destroyed by a tornado, I reached out to my friends and family for support. I’m not sure how this helps, but this is pretty cool.
— Paul, Power Level: 8, Oklahoma City
I believe these deliverables are communicating some hidden code, possibly leading to a vast treasure trove buried underneath the White House itself!
— Nicolas, Power Level: 64, D.C.
I don’t understand these, but I’m glad my grandchildren still think of me.
— Edith, Power Level: UNKNOWN THREAT, Richmond


Single Month

Save nothing! Hahahahaha!

If you're just looking for a quick fix for messing with your friend, this is for you. Two deliverables will be sent over a month.


Save 11% per month!

Afraid of commitment? Try something casual with our hassle-free monthly subscription.

Six Months

Save 22% per month!

Want to heat things up a bit? Our six month plan is perfect for your next side subscription. 

One Year

Save 33% per month!

Our yearly plan is perfect for the ride or die bumfuzzlers. Commit and lock in all the benefits and savings of a serious long-term relationship.